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Returning to Myself

It seems as though I am coming out from a fog that settled over my life for the last twelve years. These last few weeks have been interesting as I have shifted from working mother to a stay-at-home mom and full time housewife…or homemaker, if you will. It is amazing how much clearer your thoughts are when you dont have to rush from one thing to another trying to fit everything into one day. I’m starting to notice and enjoy the little things… like putting lotion on my children. Or brushing my sons hair. Or actually setting the table for dinner. I have so much more time with the kids now. I am liking this.

It is weird though… my body seems to be out of sorts with this. My sleep pattern is taking a hit I guess since I am not as exhausted at the end of the day. Also, when I have nothing to do through the day I feel like I need to be out doing something anyway. I haven’t learned the art of just sitting still. Insha Allah my restlessness will calm soon.

It has been a big adjustment. but a good one. Ramadan came and went… and I felt a little apart from it all as I was not fasting so I didn’t benefit from it the way I hoped I would. Loosing the baby was an emotional journey I have never experienced but I come out feeling stronger in my faith that everything happens for a reason and I am content with Allah’s will. I do, however, look forward to another opportunity to bring life into this world, insha Allah.

Hope all is well in your worlds.